How Does Gaming Industry Stack Up Against Hollywood

Contrary to popular belief, video games have become one of the driving factors that lead the entertainment industry as of today. The annual release of titles by famous publishers like Rockstar Games, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Electronic Arts, etc. have paved the way for excellent storytelling opportunities and more intuitive gaming mechanics that weren’t seen before. Now here’s the thing, while Hollywood might drop a big crossover flick like Avengers Endgame and expect people to feel the same for every MCU movie ever made, but this isn’t possible, with games, however, this can be pulled off with ease if the storyline and execution are done right.

Proving the mettle on the battlefield: Video games vs. movies

According to Betway, When it comes to interactivity, video games are the absolute embodiment of the idea mentioned before. Movies do provide a cast of loveable characters that the audience longs for as long as the film keeps running. Still, when it comes to videogames, these characters get their definitions from the players who control their actions over the course of the adventure.

From Captain ‘Soap’ Mc Tavish’s journey to the death of Vladimir Makarov, gamers engage in a saga like no other. The chemistry between Master Chief and Cortana over the years has given us legendary titles like Halo 2, and Halo 3. Today, video games are pushing boundaries with a ton of things at the offering, here are a few reasons why they’re a big deal now.

●     The engagement factor

A movie might become dull during the regular story building hours, people might just want to skip content and jump right into the exciting parts, but is that possible in a movie theatre? No! However, if one wishes to change the course of the game by engaging in a level of his/her choice, it can be done with fruitful results. Accessibility and engagement are what games offer in plenty. This is where movies lag far behind.

●     Sales figures

A blockbuster film might have a mixed reception in the beginning. Some might like the story for its take on the subject matter at hand while some might call it straight up dull. The sales figures depend on this division of people, the more people like a movie, the more it earns on the box office, in case of videogames though, an FPS title can still boast more figures than a multi starring movie. Giving Hollywood a run for its money is a hard thing to pull off, and videogames have done it with ease.

●     The shifting of trends

Movie fanatics will always quote the dialogues of their favorite movie characters of all times, what they might not be aware of is the fact that many of these legendary actors have voiced some of gaming’s most memorable characters as well. Movie stars are now moving into the gaming territory with motion capture technology, titles like Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare have seen acting aces like Kit Harington and Kevin Spacey deliver powerful roles as antagonists. In fact, the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 will have Keanu Reeves as a character in the game as well.

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