Abner Doubleday Profile, Ethnicity, Race, Career and Nationality


Abner Doubleday was born in Ballston Spa, New York, in 1819. After attending Auburn and Cooperstown, he continued to West Point, and graduated in 1842 and joined in artillery. He was appointed captain in 1853, and was stationed at Charleston Harbor when the crisis at Fort Sumter took place.

He fired the first shot while defending Fort Sumter, which was very important at the Battle of Gettysburg. Gettysburg was probably the brightest moment for Doubleday, before then he was replaced by Major General George G. Meade which caused prolonged competition between the two. This New York-born man also served in coastal garrisons and later in the Mexican-American War during the years 1846-1848 and the Seminole War 1856-1858. In 1852 he married Maria Hewitt, and 6 years later both moved to Fort Moultrie in Charleston.

The achievements and leadership he showed made Doubleday trusted again to lead several battles in the Civil War. After the surrender of Fort Sumter in the battle of civilian roles in 1861, Doubleday served in various campaigns during the Civil War and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1863. After the Civil War Doubleday became the 35th US Infantry colonel in September 1867. He was stationed in San Francisco during in 1869-1871 and took a patent for a cable car train that was still running there. In 1871 he led the 24th Infantry, a regiment with African-American members and headquarters in Fort McKavett, Texas. Doubleday retired in 1873, then settled in his home in New Jersey where he spent a lot of time writing. He published two important works on the Civil War: Reminiscences of Forts Sumter and Moultrie (1876) and Chancellorsville and Gettysburg (1882).


Become a member and leader of the US army in the Civil War (1853-1863)

Full Name: Abner Doubleday
Profession: Military Figure
Place of Birth: Ballston Spa, New York, United States
Birthday: Saturday, June 26, 1819
Zodiac: Cancer
Citizen: America
Wife: Maria Hewitt