Faze Banks Net Worth, Salary, and Nationality

Faze Banks began her career as Youtuber in late 2011. On October 5, 2011, he released the single Greatest Soaring in his first video style. As a well-known YouTube developer, Banks earns a considerable amount from his career. The net worth of Faze Banks are currently estimated at $ 10 million and the annual salary is $ 120,000. As a famous YouTube creator, Banks earns a substantial amount from his career.

He drove a five-door Ranger Rover to remember the SE, which would have given him at least $ 42,000. He lives in a residence of $ 12.5 million. The monthly rent for this house is about 347,000. Bank printed several tattoos of the famous tattoo artist Lome Ora Costa. His Tiger Tattoo costs at least $ 1000- $ 2000.

He also has a large walk-in closet with a football uniform ($ 150 each) and a baseball cap. His shoe collection is like Supreme and Yeezy and can be sold anywhere in the resale market for hundreds to thousands of dollars. He recently received two vans for about $ 215 and $ 650 for Gucci Tiger. He bought a British Bulldog puppy for his girlfriend and father. It costs about 750 to 3,000 dollars.

This wealth comes from different sources. Among them, YouTube is the main source of income. He is also paid to promote certain brands of different companies through his Youtube channel.

Net Worth‎: ‎$10 million
Salary‎: ‎$120, 000/month
Nationality: American

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