Mike Fisher Net Worth, Salary, and Nationality

Mike Fisher is an actor after retiring from Pro Hockey. He has made considerable money with his acting career and earned some money as a player. By the year 2018, the net worth of Mike Fisher is estimated at about 30 million US dollars. After the fortune of fame, Fisher receives about $ 4.8 million in annual salary. In addition, he starred in several films including Transformers, Glory Road and Remeber The Titans, which increased his net worth by another $ 19,160,590.

According to The Richest, Fisher received around $ 4 million in the NHL season 2016/17 in partnership with the Nashville Predators. In 2015, his income is estimated at about $ 8.8 million. This year, he signed a two-year contract with the Nashville Predators. While Carrie Underwood’s estimated assets are $ 80 million, the two electricians earned $ 115 million. Well, there is no doubt that this couple spends the best time of their lives.

Mike Fischer and his wife Carrie Underwood met for the first time through their mutual friend, Underwood bassist Mark Childers, and began dating in 2008. They knew that they found love for their lives.

Net Worth: $30 million
Salary: $4.8 million/year
Nationality: Canadian-American