Adam Levine Religion and Political Views

Adam Levine is an American singer and the lead vocalist of band Maroon 5 that was born and raised in California. This article will talk about Adam Levine religion and political views. He used to be raised in a family of Jewish. He considered himself as a Jewish, but not a devout one. As for his political views, he had openly shown his support toward Obama, which means he is a Democrat.

You can read several proofs regarding Adam Levine religion and political views by reading several of his statements. Based on Levine’s biography on several trusted sources, he once mentioned that he thought yoga was just an Eastern Philosophy or marketing tool for disenchanted accountants and lawyers that look for meaning. But then he realized how yoga can be done by everyone and he thought it was appealing.

In his interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Levine mentioned how he does not agree about the kids that try to earn money on Bar Mitzvah because he thinks it is a disrespectful act towards the cultural heritage, the beliefs, and the God Himself. As for his political views, Levine once said that he may go crazy if the Americans do not re-elect Obama as their president

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