Adrian Lewis Peterson Ethnicity, Race, Career and Nationality


Adrian Lewis Peterson was born on March 21, 1985, in Palestine, Texas, a small town between Houston and Dallas. His parents, Bonita Brown and Nelson Peterson are sports stars in their colleges. Nelson is a shooting guard for the state of Idaho who almost got an NBA career. Unfortunately, the dream failed to materialize when a stray bullet from the gun being cleaned by his brother was right on his feet. Mrs. Adrian is a world-class athletic athlete. He also won three times at Westwood High School, he attended the University of Houston on athletic scholarships and became a runner and long jumper.

Born to an athlete’s family, Adrian who was hyperactive seemed to get his ‘outlet’. Adrian could barely keep quiet, so the father nicknamed him “All Day,” which was then shortened to the current AD-nickname. Adrian’s best friend is his brother, Brian himself. With his brother, he is the fastest runner in the neighborhood. When Adrian was seven years old, Brian rode his bicycle when a drunk driver crashed and killed him. The tragedy happened after Adrian’s parents divorced and Adrian-Brian stayed with their aunt. After this tragedy, Adrian and his mother moved back to Palestine.

Since childhood, Adrian has received rigorous training from his father, Nelson. He also showed Adrian the importance of priority. When Adrian received his first F in fifth grade, Nelson reserved it. Rules for Adrian: No graduation, no play. By the time he was 12, Adrian was the star of the Pop Warner team. His coach told his players to always remember when playing with Adrian because it would be something they deserve to tell their grandchildren later.

Adrian is a big fan of the Cowboys. The team is a super Bowl eternal opponent when he was young, and he loves Emmitt Smith. He will watch the game on TV wearing his # 22 Starter jacket. There is a little question in Adrian’s mind that he will one day become a Cowboy.

When Adrian was 13 years old, his father was arrested for money laundering and ended up spending eight years in prison. Adrian and his father communicate by telephone and letter, as well as occasional visits. In high school, Adrian talked with his father the morning before each match.

Mrs. Adrian, Bonita remarried, with Frankie Jackson, a pastor in a nearby church in Grapeland. Some in the media have reported the initial friction between Jackson’s stepson, but always denied it. He said their relationship was always loving.

Adrian, nicknamed “Purple Jesus”, continues to exploit the green field at Westwood High. His mother has moved to town for his new job. Adrian is also a star in the track and field. At Woodward, he won a double medal in the 100, 200 triple jump & long jump, in a championship his mother had participated in and won.

In 2000, Adrian started high school in Westwood. He played JV football as freshman Adrian moved back to Palestine the following year, but he was not eligible to play for the Palestine High football team until he was a junior. Adrian finds a valuable ally in coach Jeff Harrell. When Harrell was promoted to head of soccer coach, Adrian made a focal point of one of his coach’s return systems. He is so fast that he hits the line before the block occurs. Harrell moved Adrian back from six yards behind the line for seven and eight. Adrian is even faster when he grows up. In 2002, he ran more than 2,000 meters and scored 22 goals. That’s when he began to attract the attention of Division I recruiters.

After the first year, Adrian realized that he would likely have a pick about college. During his senior season, he decided that he wanted to go to school where he could become a difference maker in running the national championship. After considering schools such as Texas, Texas A & M, Arkansas, Miami and UCLA, Adrian narrowed his choices to Southern California and Oklahoma. There was a funny moment in Coach Harrell’s office when the recruiter from USC, UCLA Miami and went into a heated debate about who would be able to see Adrian first.

As a senior in 2003, Adrian put on an extraordinary number, rushing for 2,960 yards and 32 goals. Often, he only plays the first round. In the Palestine final, Harrell told him to do something special. Adrian answered with 350 meters and six goals – all in the first round. After the match, players from other teams ask for their autographs. That was not the first time that had happened.

Adrian’s final appearance as a high schooler came in early 2004 at the All American Bowl. Once playing, he avoids all 11 defenders and scores. He scored a pair of fourth quarter goals and was called the match MVP. Adrian also announced his choice of college in Oklahoma.

Adrian ran for 100 meters in the opening match against Bowling Green, 117 meters against Houston, and 183 meters against Oregon. Against Oklahoma State, Adrian rushed for 161 yards in the third quarter and released an eye-popping spinning move during the 80-yard TD run. He rumbled for 172 meters against Colorado and 225 meters against Texas. Adrian runs, around and through tacklers. He drew comparisons for Walter Payton for his reluctance to go quietly out of bounds, and Eric Dickerson for strong style, upright running.

Thanks to Adrian, one of the poorest rushed teams of the previous year was one of the best teams. The new students were spectacular, registering 1,925 meters to destroy other NCAA student records. According to team statistics, about two-thirds of those meters came after he hit. Adrian is okay if it’s not difficult. In the match against November Texas A & M, he made a difference in a close victory when he reentered the game after suffering a separated shoulder.


Palestine High School


Minnesota Vikings (2007 – present)


Full Name: Adrian Lewis Peterson
Alias: All Day | AD | Purple Jesus
Profession: Athlete
Place of Birth: Palestine, Texas
Date of Birth: Thursday, March 21, 1985
Zodiac: Aries
Citizen: United States

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