Adrian Sutil Ethnicity, Race, Career and Nationality


Adrian Sutil is a Formula 1 driver from Germany. At birth and raised by a family familiar with music. Adrian’s father, Jorge, is an Uruguayan immigrant who becomes a violinist for the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. While his mother, Monika, is a native of Germany. Adrian also has two brothers, Daniel and Raphael.

Drivers who are fluent in German, English, Spanish and a little Italian are familiar with music since childhood. Adrian is even good at playing the piano and violin. His favorite music is classical and jazz. He also had time to go to a music academy, but finally, Adrian chose the race as a serious career he was involved to date. The most important thing in his life is the piano. His family is very musical. But now for Adrian, the sound of the engine is music in his ears.

At the age of 14, Adrian started his amateur karting race. Until 2002, he tried the Swiss Formula Ford event and won the championship. A best friend from fellow Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton also participated in the Formula 3 Euroseries and A1 Grand Prix. After a long struggle in Formula 3 racing, Adrian was called by the Midland team to become a test driver in Formula 1 in 2006.

Adrian’s Formula 1 debut started the 2007 season with the Spyker team. The following year he changed teams and joined Force India until the end of the 2011 season. The presence of Nico H├╝lkenberg racer who entered the Force India team, forced Adrian to leave the team and seek another shade for the 2012 season.

Adrian’s career was tarnished because of the violence he committed. He fought with the boss of the Renault Lotus team, Eric Lux, at a Shanghai nightclub. Lux was injured in the neck and got 24 stitches due to the fight. He claimed that he had originally intended to throw the contents of his glass into Lux’s face. What had happened was that the glass was thrown and hit Lux’s face.

He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, Sutil was also sentenced to a fine of 200 thousand Euros, or around Rp.2 billion, which will be donated to charities. After this case, he revealed maybe he would withdraw for a moment from the prestigious race.


Formula 3 racer
Formula 1 racer


2002, won the Swiss Formula Ford by finishing first in 12 races in one season
2003, ranked 6th in the German Formula ADAC BMW Championship
2004, following the Formula 3 Euroseries with the Kolles team
2005, was runner-up in the Formula 3 Euroseries with the ASM Formule 3 team
2006, participated in the A1 Grand Prix, All-Japan Formula 3, Macau Grand Prix, Super GT, and became a test driver for Midland F1 in Formula 1
2007, debuted as a Formula 1 driver with the Spyker team
2008-2011, moved to Force India team to become a Formula 1 driver



Full Name: Adrian Sutil
Profession: Athlete
Place of Birth: Grafelfing, Germany
Date of Birth: Tuesday, January 11, 1983
Zodiac: Capricorn
Nationality: Germany
Father: Jorge
Mother: Monika
Brother: Daniel, Raphael

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