Adrienne Bailon Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Recently, the American singer and television personality Adrienne Bailon did a DNA test to found out her ethnicity background. And the result was surprising public. Based on the result, she has 27% of Native American and 57% of European descent, does the result valid? Let’s we discus it more detail. Adrienne Bailon who was born in New York on October 24, 1983 became famous after she debuted as a member of 3LW in 1999. Then, she also joined on Disney’s The Cheetah Girls and many television variety shows. As for your information, Adrienne Bailon has sold more than 5 millions album both as solo and group singer.

Many people in Hollywood amazed with her beauty skin, no wonder if they are curious about Adrienne Bailon ethnicity background. Adrienne Bailon mother Nilda Alicea is known for having Puerto Rican descent. Her maternal grandmother Carmen Zayas Garcia is Native Puerto Rican and has been lived in Puerto Rico for many generations. How about her father? Adrienne Bailon father Freddie Bailon is considered for having Ecuadorian descent. And many people also claimed that she is 60 % looks Ecuadorian.
What do you think guys? Any comment?

Name: Adrienne Bailon

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian

Nationality: American