Alex Turner Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

The man whose full name is Alexander David Turner is known as the lead vocalist of the rock band called Arctic Monkey. In addition to joining the British band, Alex Turner also has a side project called The Last Shadow Puppets.

Since childhood, Alex who is the only child of the couple Penny and David Turner lives in the High Green, which also became his birthplace. While still in school at Stocksbridge High School, he was known as an unconventional figure, but had extraordinary intelligence and intelligence. In addition to his good sense of humor, vocal abilities and poetry writing are also very good.

Alex’s adolescence was mostly spent listening to rap music. In the end, all the experiences he had made him interested in learning to play guitar. In the end, Alex’s parents began to realize his son’s interests and gave guitar gifts at Christmas in 2001.


The beginning of Alex’s career began when he joined the rock group which was later named Arctic Monkey. In 2005, the band signed a contract with Domino Records. From the contract, they managed to debut S WHAT I’M NOT’s WHATAVER PEOPLE SAY I AM, THAT album. The album was allegedly a reflection of the nightlife in the UK. After that, they also released several other albums, such as FAVORITE WORST NIGHTMARE (2007), HUMBUG (2009) and SUCK IT AND SEE (2011)

In August 2007, Alex announced that he was currently recording albums with Miles Kane, James Ford and Owen Pallet and calling themselves The Last Shadow Puppets. In 2008, the band managed to spawn the album THE AGE OF THE UNDERSTATEMENT.

In addition to being busy with two bands at the same time, Alex also worked solo and succeeded in releasing several works. Not enough to take part in the music world, Alex also tried the literary world through short stories written by himself.

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