Alicia Keys Religion, Beliefs and Political Views

Alicia Keys was known for believe on Catholic faith but in 2010 she married to Muslim rapper Swizz Beatz. No wonder, if many of people claimed that Alicia converted to Islam. As for your information, Alicia Keys was born in New York City on January 25, 1981. She has established her name as the queen of R&B. She is also said for being one of the most successful singers on earth with selling more than 60 millions albums and singles worldwide.

Back to her religion, she is now considered has convert her then religion Catholic to Islam. Alicia Keys was raised by a Catholic mother Teresa Augello and her mother is an obedient Catholic. No wonder, if Alicia was taught many of Catholic lessons from her mom.

But in 2010, she married to Kasseem Dean who is known as a Muslim. Then, she convert her belief to Muslim. Recently, Alicia Keys wears Islamic Burqa and posted on her instagram. She also protested to Donald Trump related to his politic policy that discriminated several Islam countries.

How about her Political View?

Alicia Keys is surely Democrat Party supporter, she supported Barrack Obama in Presidential Election in 2008 and 2012. She even recorded a theme song in Obama campaign.

Name: Alicia Keys

Religion: Muslim

Political Views: Democrat Party

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