Amal Clooney Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Amal Ramzi Clooney was born in Beirut, Lebanon. During the 1980s when the civil war in Lebanon peaked, her family left Lebanon to go to London and settle in Gerrards Cross. She was 2 years old at that time. And in 1991, Alamuddin’s family finally returned to Lebanon. Her father named Ramzi Alamuddin received an MBA from the American University of Beirut also had a travel agent named COMET. Her mother, Bariaa Alamudin is an editor in the Al-hayar newspaper and the initiator of the International Communication Experts public relations company focused on ordering celebrity services, photography and event promotions.

Amal is married to American actor George Clooney on September 27, 2014, in Venice, Italy. And in October 2014, the couple announced to the media if they bought a house on the island on the Thames in Sonning Eye, England.



Amal Clooney returns to Britain and becomes a barista at a bar called Inner Temple on Doughty Street Chambers. In 2013, Amal was appointed as UN commissioner to become Kofi Annan’s legal counsel in Syria.


In May, Amal met with British foreign secretary William Hague and chair of the women’s association campaigning “to discuss how to encourage international community action to protect children from rape and violence in conflict areas”. In August Amal was elected to three commissioners for possible war crimes in the Gaza Strip during the Gaza-Israel conflict. In October, the 37-year-old woman was included in the repatriation of antique artwork called Elgin Marbles for the Greek government. Charities have also taught at the University of London, The New School of New York, The Hague Academy of International Law, and North Carolina University.


In January, Amal Clooney initiated the recognition of the Armenian massacre carried out by the Turkish government in 1915. She will also teach in human rights courses Sarah H. Cleveland and talk about litigation rights for students at Human Right Clinic.

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