Amber Rose Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The appearances of Amber Rose always make people curious about her race or her ethnicity. Her unique skin and face are mixed from several races. This American model and actress ever said that she is not black but she is not white enough for being white American. As everybody knows, Amber Rose ever married famous singer Wiz Khalifa and until they had a Children. Recently, she said about her ethnicity on her twitter account, she said that she is Black, Portuguese, Irish and Italian. So, what is the actual Amber Rose ethnicity? Lets we discuss about her parents firstly.

Amber Rose’s father is Michael Levenchuk and we can see by his name that he is European. Her father has Irish and Italian descent. How about her mother? Amber Rose’s mother is Dorothy Rose and she has African descent especially from Cape Verdean. There was information said that Amber Rose’s mother also has Portuguese and Scottish descent. Some people also said that Amber Rose has Brazilian descent? How do you think guys?

Name: Amber Rose

Ethnicity: Black, African – European

Nationality: American

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