Andy Serkis Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Andrew Clement G. “Andy” Serkis was born on Ruislip, Middleseex, England, on April 20, 1964. He is known as an actor, filmmaker, and British writer. He was born and raised in Ruislip Manor, Middlesex, England. Serkis was born into a Catholic family and later he became an atheist since he was a teenager. He believes in the possibility of energy transfer, and that human energy is living after humans themselves.

His father is a doctor from Iraq who has Armenian blood. He studied at St Benedict’s School, Ealing and completed his studies at Lancaster University where he majored in visual art. In addition, he is also a member of The County College.

This Arsenal F.C supporter now lives in Crouch End, London with his wife who is also an actress, Lorraine Ashbourne, and three children, Ruby (1998), Sonny (2000), and Louis (2004).

Serkis is a vegetarian, but he started eating fish since starring in the film trilogy THE LORD OF THE RINGS. He wrote this experience in his book, GOLLUM: HOW WE MADE MOVIE MAGIC, which circulated in 2004.


Serkis’s most memorable role is when he starred in the character Gollum in the trilogy of THE LORD OF THE RINGS that was created in the period 2001 – 2003. In addition, also in the 2005 KING KONG film, which became a voice actor and all the movements of the character by using CGI technology.

His achievements in the trilogy film, caused controversy regarding the quality of his acting. Because of being helped by the CGI, many critics felt that he should get a nomination for the Academy Award as the Best Male Helper Role, because the film only used his voice, gestures, and facial expressions.

But on the other hand, the argument arises that Serkis is not worthy of it, because of his CGI actions, in part or in some cases all using animation techniques without any movement from him. But this is very common in all films that use CGI technology.

Some people believe that the judges from the grand event in the field of American cinema, “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences” stated that he did not pass the selection because he was not physically on the big screen. But actually, Serkis appeared on the big screen as Sméagol before later becoming Gollum in the third film THE RETURN OF THE KING.

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