Angelina Jolie Religion and Political Views

Have you heard about Angelina Jolie? Is it familiar for you? Yes, she is a famous American actress and filmmaker. She was born in Los Angeles, California on June 4, 1975. She is also being a humanitarian and activist. Perhaps, some of you are wonder about Angelina Jolie religion and political views, aren’t you? Well, before we talk about it, let’s know further about her. There are many awards she has achieved until now

If we are talking about the Angelina Jolie religion and political views, she is a Buddhist. Even if she was raised Catholic, but she has chosen to be a Buddhist because of she believes to the freedom of choosing the religion based on what she believes. She has the strong belief to her religion as well as she creates her own political views that she thinks about there is freedom in choosing the religion as what individual believe.

She always appreciate what the others take for their religion because she thinks you can choose one of many religions based on what you have believed.

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