April Rose Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

April Rose Pengilly was born in Sydney, Australia on April 12, 1988. She is better known as April Rose, popular as an Australian actress and model. She is the son of Karen Hutchinson and one of the personnel from INXS, Kirk Pengilly. She once entered a school specifically for women named Wenona in northern Sydney. The model world began when she was a child when she was a teenager she continued to pursue the world even though not too often. After graduating in 2005, then she really jumped in using the name April Rose. She did not include the name Pengilly apart from the popularity of her father.


April Rose is an actress who used to be a model and currently represents an Australian agent company called Warehouse 16 which is part of the Morrissey Entertainment Group. Before Warehouse 16, she had been in Chadwick Management throughout 2004 to 2012. Several international magazines had included photos of her such as Elle, Shop Til You Drop, Girlfriend, and Madison. Since he worked in Sydney, Tokyo, New York, Osaka, and London, she has been a model for famous photographers such as Rankin, Steven Chee, and Nicole Bentley. Famous designers Tina Kalivas, Bowie Wong and Marnie Skillings have used April as a display of their creation. In 2006, David Jones made himself an ambassador for the man’s clothing along with Megan Gale and Mischa Barton.

At the end of 2008, April participated in a casting for an independent film titled LBF together with Toby Schmidt, Gracie Otto, and Septamus Caton. The film is based on Cry Bloxsome’s novel and for its role, April is willing to paint her hair color pink. Whereas in 2009, she became an ambassador of L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. She also worked as a FASHION TV television presenter at London Fashion Week before returning to Sydney to become an actress. In April 2010, she became the host of MTV CLASSIC which was broadcast in Melbourne and once aired rock legend Slash. April was the first person to star in the event since it was launched on television. Her first film, LBF, was released at the SXSW Festival and Sydney Film Festival in 2011. She popularized the fashion and lifestyle blog in the same year.

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