Apryl Jones Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know who Apryl Jones is. You must know if you watch television reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Then, her name became more popular after she married to famous American singer and rapper Omarion in 2014.

Everybody must agree that Apryl Jones’ skin is very exotic. She is light skinned, and it seems that she has Asian and African descent. As for your information, Apryl Jones was born in Chicago on December 15, 1986. She has several mixed of races and we can say that she is half black and half white from Asian.

There are no much information about her parents. But, on her twitter she said about her ethnicity that she is Native American, Chinese, Taiwanese, Mongolian and Black. The means of black seems belong to African countries. What do you think guys? Do you have any information about Apryl Jones parents? Share with us guys.

Name: Apryl Jones

Ethnicity: Black, Chinese, Taiwanese, Mongolian, Native American

Nationality: American

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