Arch Enemy Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

The melodic death metal band was first formed in Halmstas, Sweden in 1996. Together with Johan Liiva, Carcass guitarist Michael Amott began to form a band which from the beginning was influenced by Carnage’s band music.

In addition to cooperating with Liiva as a vocalist, Amott also collaborated with his younger brother, Christopher Amott, who at that time was still joining Armageddon. Together, the three personnel tried to revive Arch Enemy as a band accepted in the music world.


As a newcomer band, Arch Enemy seems to be productive enough to produce works. In the same year the band was formed, they managed to spawn a debut titled BLACK EARTH. Through this album, which was recorded at Studio Fredman, Arc Enemy was even more motivated to produce more works.

In the following years, the band also seemed to not stop showing its existence. Albums such as STIGMATA (1998), BURNING BRIDGE (1999) and WAGES OF SIN (2001) were also cast on the market under the Century Media label.

It was during these years that the band experienced a change of player with the inclusion of bassist Martin Bengtsson and drummer Peter Wildoer in 1998. In addition, new personnel, namely Sharlee D’Angelo were also accepted as new members of the band in 1999. Unfortunately, vocalist Johan Liiva decided to resign in 2000, and was replaced by Angela Gossow.

Mutual personnel continued to overshadow the band. After going through a long process, the band finally left only a few old people in it. As for the personnel who were running Arch Enemy were Michael Amott (lead and rhythm guitar), Sharlee D’Angelo (bass guitar), Daniel Erlandsson (drums), Angela Gossow (lead vocal), and Nick Cordle – guitar (2012-present)

Until now, there have been many works that have been blown by Arc Enemy to the market. The metal soul flowing in the band’s body and its personnel made the band’s works easily accepted in the market. Finally, they have released a new album titled KHAOS LEGIONS which successfully hit the rock market in 2011.

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