Ariana Grande Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The young and talented entertainer Ariana Grande is always being a public attention. At a glance, if you see her by appearance especially face, you will assume that she has Mexican descent. The truth is that Ariana Grande is 90% Italian. Both of her parents have Italian descent. Her father Edward Bautera is having Sicilian descent, her grandfather was Italian immigrant who lived in New York City. How about Ariana Grande’s mother? Her mom is Joan Grande who also has Italian ancestry especially Abbruzzo.

So, we can say that Ariana Grande ethnicity is half Abbruzzo and Half Sicilian. It is same with the statement that Ariana Grande wrote on her twitter, she said that she is half Sicilian and half Abbruzzo. Both of them are Italian ancestry. But, some people don’t belive it, they belive that Ariana Grande is Native American with a little Mexican descent. Reffering at her appearance, it is true that she looks like having Mexican ancestry. But the truth is that she has a bit of African and Greek descent.

Name: Ariana Grande

Ethnicity: White, Italian

Nationality: American

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