Arka Sangbarani Oroojian Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The man was released on Wednesday as the authorities were arrested in the video for causing brutal assault on two young ladies in downtown Los Angeles. A suspect identified as Sylmar’s 30-year-old Arka Sangbarani Oroojian turned out on Tuesday evening after the incident on 26th, Los Angeles Police Department tweeted. According to county records, Oroojian was arrested at 9:30 pm. After about two hours I entered prison. He was released around 1:30 pm. After giving bail $ 90,000 on Wednesday, the record showed. The trial date of February 22 is set.

According to police, Oroojian is said to be involved in a viral video where two young ladies punch near the hot dog stand near Saturday night hot dog stand. According to Mike Watson, who shared videos of this case on Facebook, this case clearly began with a “scene-causing” man surrounding the price of hot dogs sold outside the baron bar.

LAPD name detective Meghan Aguilar told that one of the victims took away hot dogs and urged them to punch. Then he threw one of the women to the ground and the other came to defend her, the video showed.

However, according to LAPD, it is said that it is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 270 pounds, but according to Mr. Watson, before hitting each one “multiple times” and “socking” in the head, they hit the face. A woman as his daughter.

Nationality: American

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