Arkarna Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Arkarna is an electronic rock band originating from London and formed in 1994. Members of Ollie Jacobs as vocalists and programmers, Matt Cart on guitars, Owen’s team in the position of drums and David Landers as bass players and keyboards. Whereas who had filled the position before the latest formation was James Barnett, Lalo Creme on guitar and drummer Sebastian Beresford.


This band formed by Ollie Jacobs started their career in 1997 with the album FRESH MEAT. Arkarna wants to follow the path of success that its predecessors have taken such as The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. Jacobs himself worked as a producer and sound engineer since the age of 14 at a father’s studio located in London called Rollover. When he started forming this group, he had recorded songs belonging to Dreadzone, Leftfield, and Deep Forest.

Acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist James Barnett at that time had recorded with Big Life Records and routinely performed concerts in a Megadog club scene. While Lalo Creme, who is the son of Godley and Creme, Lol Creme, joined Arkarna after playing guitar in several sessions with musician Trevor Horn. Creme headed for Rollover Studios and met Jacob and Barnett in the midst of developing ideas for a new band. In June 1995, the three of them got a contract with WEA Records by Clive Black and Raz Gold. But their single titled House On Fire and album called FRESH MEAT can only be released a year later. At the same time, they began running a live performance by hiring Sebastian Beresford as drummer until he was recruited as an official person to tour Australia in 1997.

Arkarna who already has four personnel added keyboardist Will Hensal for each of their concerts. They did a world tour until the second album, THE FAMILY ALBUM was released in 2001. But since WEA Records decided not to continue Arkarna’s third album, they chose to disband. Only in 2011, new material was worked on for the third album with the single Left Is Best and the promo video for the song appeared on Youtube in December 2011. Some of the most popular Arkarna songs were House On Fire and Eat Me and both were on the album FRESH MEAT. While House On Fire became popular because it became the soundtrack of the movie BATMAN & ROBIN. From the same material, So Little Time’s track was also very famous when introduced, and the song became the theme song for a television series with the same title. In THE FAMILY ALBUM, they launched three singles, Skin, Rehab and Life Is Free.

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