Arnold Schwarzenegger Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger or popularly known as Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Styria, Austria, July 30, 1947. He was an actor, bodybuilder, politician, and businessman, who now serves as the 38th Governor of California.

Schwarzenegger himself was originally an Austrian citizen. After briefly working in the United Kingdom, he moved to the United States in 1968. Since 1983, he has dual citizenship (US and Austria). He is married to a journalist, Maria Shriver, and has four children.

Arnold’s household relationship could not be said to be smooth. Because several times revealed about the actor’s affair scandal with dozens of women. The last issue stated that Arnold had approximately 14 mistresses. However. his household still survives until now.


As an actor, the role of former actress Brigitte Nielsen’s girlfriend as The Terminator (T-101) in THE TERMINATOR (1984), became a legend for her. And also the film COMMANDO (1985) and PREDATOR (1987) also became a success film.

Arnold was elected governor on 7 October 2003 in an accelerated election to replace Gray Davis from the position of governor. Schwarzenegger was later re-elected for the second period of his election in 2006.

Because of his position as governor, combined with his popularity as an actor in the film TERMINATOR, he got the nickname ‘Governator’

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