Atlantic Starr Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Atlantic Starr is an R & B band from New York, America that was famous in the 1980s. Among their songs, the most famous are Always and Secret Lover. At present, this group is reinforced by nine personal in it.


The band was formed in 1976 in White Plains, New York by Trumpeter Duke Jones. The band consisted of Porter Carroll JR as a drummer, Clifford Archer as a percussionist, Joseph Phillips as a flute player, and three brothers namely David Lewis (vocals and guitar), Wayne Lewis (keyboard and vocals), and Jonathan Lewis (percussion and trombone).

Another member, Sharon Bryant, as lead vocalist, William Sudderth as trumpet blower, and Damon Rentie as a saxophonist. In 1977 the band came to Westwood, California and played at the Newban nightclub.


Throughout the 70s and early 80s, Atlantic Starr scored a number of hits on the R & B charts. However, significant successes when moving flow (to pop songs) did not last until the 80s, with the release of their albums. As the Band Turns, and the single Secret Lovers.

At that time, the band had turned into a quintet, consisting of three brothers Lewis, Phillips, and Weathers. In 1987, the band achieved their success by printing the # 1 pop (and R & B) hit with the song Always.

After this success, Weathers went solo, and was replaced by Porscha Martin on the next album, We’re Movin ’Up. Although this album is not as successful as before, it reached # 1 R & B hit with the song “My First Love.”

The band continued to work in two schools, R & B and Pop in the early 90s. 1991 Martin was replaced by Rachel Oliver on the album Crazy Love. The band became the biggest band in the 90s, with the Masterpiece reaching # 3 on pop and R & B songs at the beginning of its release. The band then held a concert in Japan in 1992 with a new vocalist, Crystal Blake.

After the success of the album Love Crazy, Starr’s Atlantic relationship with Warner Bros. Records ended, and in 1994 the band recorded an album for Arista: Time. Single I Remember You only managed to reach fifties on Billboard’s R & B and pop singles charts. The fifth female singer, Aisha Tanner replaces Oliver. And when Legacy was distributed in 1999 by Street Solid Label, Atlantic Starr reappeared. This time it consisted of two Lewis brothers (Wayne and Jonathan) and Oliver who had returned and were replaced by Tanner and a new male singer named DeWayne Woods. Although Legacy received little attention, Atlantic Starr still exists and will perform for their big fans when the 21st century arrives.

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