Austin Mahone Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Austin Mahone is one of singers who popular because of Youtube. His name became famous after he uploaded his cover musicv videos of Justin Bieber. His subscribers on Youtube increasing day by day. Then he released his own songs including Waiting For This Love, Torture, Say My Name and Places. He released his debut studio single in 2017 entitled Lady, he featured with famous American rapper Pitbull. As for your information, Austin Mahone was born in Texas on April 4, 1996. He always talked for having identical with Justin Bieber.

Many of his fans are curious about his ethnicity background. Based on the trusted sources, Austin Mahone was raised by single mother. His father died when he was child. He is considered for having European ancestry. His father Charles Edgar Mahone was known for having English, Germany and French descent. His paternal grandparents Charles Edgar Mahone and Sue Ann Freeze were Germany descent.

How about his mother? Austin’s mom is considered for having Slovak descent. The Slovak ancestry comes from his maternal grandfather John William Demyanovich who was from Slovakia.

Name: Austin Mahone

Ethnicity: Germany – English – French, Slovak

Nationality: American

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