Avan Jogia Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The name of Avan Jogia is not too famous in Hollywood, but in Canada, he is famous as young talented actor and singer. Besides his acting, many people especially young girls are falling in love with him, it is because of his handsomeness. He has handsome face, but many people curious about his face because of he looks like an Indian. Avan Jogia was born in Vancouver, Canada and raised in there. But, why he has some Indian face?

Based on our research, his father Mike Jogia is Indian descent who immigrate to Canada, and he has Gujarati descent. No wonder, if many people claimed that¬†Avan Jogia has Indian face.¬† How about his mother? Avan Jogia’s mom Wendy Jogia is English descent and has a bit of Germany and Welsh descent. At an interview, Avan Jogia said that he also has French descent. And many people also claimed that he has Mexican and Spanish ancestry based on his looks. What do you think girls?

Name: Avan Jogia

Ethnicity: Indian – English

Nationality: Canadian and English

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