Bebe Rexha Ethnicity, Parents and Nationality

Recently, the talented American singer Bebe Rexha won Song of The Year award for her song Me, Myself & I. As four your information, Bebe Rexha was born in New York on August 30, 1989. Everybody must agree that she is very talented singer and songwriter. Her career began when she met Pet Wentz and did several projects together with Rexha as lead vocalist. Then she released her debut single in 2014 entitled I Can’t Stop Drinking About You. The single was successful and it reached at number 22 on Billboard chart.

For those of you who are curious about Bebe Rexha ethnicity background, let’s we discuss it together. As you can see at her facial features and her blonde hair, it seems that she came from Yugoslavian country. Bebe Rexha is considered for having Albanian – American descent. Both of her parents Flamur Rexha and Bukurije Rexha were having Albanian descent.

Her father was born in Debar, Albania and then he emigrated to United States to pursue his career. How about her mother? Bebe Rexa mom’ Bukurije Rexha was born from Albanian parents from Gostivar.

Name: Bebe Rexha

Ethnicity: Albanian

Nationality: American

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