Becky G Nationality, Ethnicity, and Net Worth

Rebbeca Marie Gomez was born on 2 March 1997. She is professionally known as Becky G, American singer, and as an actress. Gomez became known in 2011 when he started uploading his own video that brought popular song covers online. During her debut, Gomez collaborated with artists such as Cody Simpson, Cher Lloyd, and others. Their official debut single “Becky from Block” (2013) was rated positively at publication. In the same year, she released the debut feature “Play It Again (2013)”. Their second single, Can not Get Enough (2014), a pit bull guest vocal, broke the Latin Rhythm airplay charts in the US.

Gomez has released “Shower” (2014), which was supported by Billboard Hot 100 songs. Single received multi-platinum certification from the American Recording Industry Association (RIAA) and sold 2 million units in that country. After the success of the “Shower” Gomez released “Can a Stop Dancin” (2014), “Lovin ‘So Hard” and “Break a Sweat” (2015) as a single in the next album. She participated in a tour with J Balvin in the US in September and October 2015. She played the character Valentina Galindo in two episodes of the TV series TV series and contributed to two background songs from the series “Do It” and “New New”. Gomez became a “superstar” with Pitbull (2016).

Rebbeca Marie Gomez was born on March 2, 1997 in Englewood, California. She is Alehandra and the daughter of Francisco ‘Frank’ Gomez. Four grandparents are from Jalisco in Mexico, but most of their parents and families were born in the United States of America. Gomez has two older brothers and a younger sister. In December 2017, she announced that she had half-sisters. Gomez grew poor in the Moreno Valley, and at the age of 9, her family lost their home due to economic problems and moved into their grandparents’ garage. Gomez began working part-time to finance, recruit and cast her family. When she was nine years old, she explains that she is “the crisis of life” and decided to pursue a career as a musician. Then she said, “Back when I was nine years old, it was really a crisis in my life, when I felt” I have to continue my life together. “I felt so much when I was smaller than most children, and at that time my family lost our place of residence because I was much older than my age, can I help them?” Since attending a private school, he has been receiving schooling for bullying issues,

Age: 21 years 11 months
Birth Date: March 02, 1997
Zodiac: Pisces
Birth Place: Inglewood, California, United States
Height: 5 feet 0 inches (1.54m)
Salary: N/A
Net Worth: $ 3 million
Ethnicity: Mexican
Nationality: American

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