Bella Thorne Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Many people don’t believe that Bella Thorne is Latina girl. It is because of her face and hair are not likes common Latin woman. But, if you find out her family background, you will know that she is part of Latin. Bella Thorne is one of American actresses who achieve her successful career with hard struggle. Bella Thorne father died in traffic accident, and she was raised on poor family. But as you can see now, she is being a young and beautiful woman now and of course she is very talented actress. We can see her talented in acting from her movies includes Blended, Shake it Up, The DUFF and Perfect High.

Bella Thorne is beautiful American actress, no wonder many men fall in love with her. Many of his fans are curious about Bella Thorne ethnicity. As above explanation, Bella Thorne has Latin descent. Her father Delancey Rey Thorne was Cuban descent. How about her mother? Bella Thorne’s mom Tamara Beckett is considered for having Italian, Irish, Germany and English descent. Her maternal great grandparents George Arthur Beckett and Iva Evalin was having Irish descent. At an interview, Bella Thorne said that she is a part of Irish, Italian and English. Many people also claimed that she has Spanish descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Bella Thorne

Ethnicity: Cuban, Italian – Irish – English

Nationality: American

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