Ben Simmons Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Ben Simmons was born on July 20, 1996. He is an Australian basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers National Basketball Association (NBA) and was named a newcomer in 2018.

Quick Facts

Name: Ben Simmons
Age: 22 years old
Birthday: July 20, 1996
Zodiac: Cancer
Born on: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Father: Dave Simmons
Mother: Julie Simmons
University: Louisiana State University
Height: 2.08m
Weight: 108 Kg
Salary: $5,903,160
Net Worth: $ 75 million
Ethnicity/Race: African-American and Australian
Nationality: Australian, American

Early Life

He is a mixed race of Australian and African American. At the age of seven, he began playing basketball. He also played the Australian regular football at a junior level.

Ben went to Monterde, Florida, to the Monterey Academy of Box Hill Senior Secondary School. He also played college basketball for a season for Louisiana State University (LSU). Ben grew up in Newcastle and played basketball for the 12-year-old Newcastle Hunter team. He also played a rugby league for the western suburbs.

Career and Net Worth

Ben began his basketball career after attending the Mont Verde Academy and playing for her. Later he returned to Melbourne and joined the Big-V contest Bulleen Boomers. After successfully participating in the game, Ben started playing basketball for Louisiana State University from his old age. The great success between his younger and older years convinces Ben to join the basketball more. Therefore, he made his college debut on 13 November 2015 at the season opener of LSU.

Ben’s professional career as a basketball player began after being signed by the Philadelphia 76ers on June 23, 2016. His presence at court was admired by many in his early games. It was estimated that he missed three to four months on 30 September 2016 due to injury to the fifth right foot metatarsal fracture.

Ben has also repeatedly represented the Australian national team. He debuted for the first time at the FIBA ‚Äč‚ÄčOceania Championships 2013.

Ben’s salary for the 2016/17 season was $ 5,903,160. His net worth is approximately $ 75 million. He has won numerous awards, including the year’s basketball player USBWA National Freshman of the Year, the SEC Freshman of the Year, the Gatorade National of the Year and the Naismith Prep Player of the Year.