Benicio del Toro Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

When we heard Benicio del Toro, we must be remembered how great his acting in the movie “Traffic”. As for your information, he was not born in United States, his real name Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sancez. He was born in Puerto Rico on February 19, 1967. Based on his appearance, we can say that he is 80% Puerto Rican descent. Let’s we talk about his roots more details.

His father Gustavo Adolfo del Toro is a Puerto Rican lawyer, his grandfather Benicio del Carmen Sanchez Castaño was born in Puerto Rico also, all of his families were lived in Puerto Rico. How about Benicio del Toro mother? His mom was died when he was nine years old. Benicio del Toro’s mother Fausta Genoveva Rivera used to be a lawyer also, and she was Puerto Rican descent too. At some interviews, Benicio del Toro said that he also had Spanish and Italian descent. Some people also claimed that he has a bit of Mexican descent and Native American. So, what do you think guys?

Name: Benicio del Toro

Ethnicity: White, Puerto Rican, Spanish – Italian

Nationality: American and Spain

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