Bernie Sanders Religion, Ethnicity and Political Views

Bernie Sanders is one of the most Jewish politicians in United States of America. He has strong blood of Jewish roots. Both of his parents were Jewish. As for your information, Bernie Sanders was born in New York city on September 8, 1941. His father Elias Ben Yehuda Sanders was Jewish immigrant from Poland. His paternal grandparents were Leon Yehuda Sander and Ettel Guttman. Bernie Sanders’s mother Dorothy Glassberg also known for having Jewish roots. His mom’s parents Benjamin Ben Avraham Meier Glassberg and Breine Greenberg were Polish and Russian Jewish. At an interview, Bernie Sanders said that many of his families were killed in Holocaust.

His strong Jewish ancestry makes he considers Judaism as his faith. He celebrated bar mitzvah and he ever said that he is very proud being a Jewish. But, recently Bernie Sanders debated with with politician Russell Vought who is devout Christian related to religion. As just for your information, Bernie Sanders is a fan of Pope Frances, his wife Jane O’Meara Driscoll is Roman Catholic. At an interview, he said that Pope Frances is smart and brave and he is learning to Pope Frances economics teaching.

Bernie Sanders Political Views

He is long life Democrat, he described himself as Democratic socialist. And he was joined to Democrat Party since he was young. He was selected to be nomination of Presidential Candidate from Democrat party competed with Hillary Clinton. And he endorsed Hillary in Presidential Campaign in 2016.

Name: Bernie Sanders

Religion: Judaism

Ethnicity: Polish Jewish – Russian Jewish

Political Views: Democrat Party