Brenda Song Ethnicity, Race, Religion and Nationality

Brenda Song was born in Carmichael, California, a suburb of Sacramento, to a Hmong family (a Southeast Asian ethnic group now primarily living in Vietnam) and a Thai mother adopted by the Hmong family. When she was six, Song moved with her mother to Los Angeles, California to pursue her acting career; other family members followed two years later.

Song seems to be one of the few Disney stars who never give up on the party scene. She said in 2005:

In addition to the grand opening of Hollywood and the awards ceremony, I tried to stay away from all parties. It’s easy to drift away from the whole scene because it’s expected of you. I have never drunk or smoked all my life, but I have seen 15-year-olds drink and smoke and I think it is disgusting.

It is possible – albeit totally unconfirmed – that this can be the result of religious influence.

Song participated in tae kwon do, which was a secular activity, although it was heavily influenced by Buddhism and Taoism. It is also known that 40% of American Buddhists live in Southern California. Combine this with the fact that his family originated in Thailand, a 95 percent Buddhist country and Vietnam where Buddhism is the dominant religion, and there are compelling reasons to suspect that the song is a Buddhist heritage at least.

Political view

Brenda Song appeared on Our Time to Choose an advertisement in 2008 with a number of other stars, but the ad did not ask viewers to choose anyone specifically. However, it shows that Song is politically conscious to some degree. Song was politically conscious and active, even though we were not sure which side of the hall he was headed for. If we have to choose, we will say a little-left center.


Song has a deep Buddhist heritage, although she doesn’t seem to disclose it openly today. She can be very non-religious.

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