Bruno Mars Ethnicity, Race, Parents and Nationality

Bruno Mars is one of the most successful singers in the world. His songs are spread around the world, and most people like it. He has sold more than 140 million albums so far. As for his achievements, he got so many awards for his music work. Even, he was listed as one of the most influenced people in 2011. Besides his carrier, public also always see his appearance. Bruno Mars is famous for his retro appearance, at an interview he said that he inspired by Michael Jackson appearance and he want to be like him. As everybody knows, Bruno Mars has black skin and many people curious about his ethnicity. Is he an American? That question is so popular in the public especially for his fans. Let’s we discuss about his roots family.

Bruno Mars born in Hawaii on October 8, 1985, his parents named him as Peter Gene Hernandez. As you can guest by his name, he is not Native American, based on his name we can guest that he has Puerto Rican descent. That’s true, Bruno Mars’ father Peter Hernandez is Puerto Rican ancestry, and his grandfather is Native Puerto Rico. His father also has Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Bruno Mars’ great – great parents was born in Spain. So, it can be said that Bruno Mars has Spain ancestry.

Many people said that Bruno Mars ethnicity is very complex, his mother Bernadette San Pedro Bayot is Filipino and has so many families in the country. How do you think about Bruno Mars ethnicity? Does it looked very complex? Based on our research, we can conclude that his ethnicity is 30% Puerto Rican, 30% Ashkenazi Jewish, 60% Filipino and the rest is Spanish. How do you think guys?

Name: Bruno Mars

Ethnicity: Black, Puerto Rican – Ashkenazi Jewsih, Filipino

Nationality: American

Parents: Peter Hernandez and San Pedro Bayot

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