Calum Hood Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Recently, many of young girls are being hardcore fans of 5 Second of Summer or well known as 5SOS. It is Australian rock band that popular in Youtube. They began uploaded their music videos on Youtube in 2011. The band popularity been known widely when they perform with One Direction. In 2014, their popularity rose drastically when their song “She Looks So Perfect” been a favorite song in several countries like New Zealand, Ireland and England.

Then now, many of young girls fallen in love with the band members because of their skills and their handsomeness. One of 5 Second of Summer popular members is Calum Hood, he is the bassist of the band. Many of girls admired his cuteness and handsomeness. Calum Hood was born on January 26, 1996. He is 21 years old now, and as for your information. He studied at Northwest Christian College.

Based on his appearance, we can say that his ethnicity is 80 % Australian and has a bit of Asian descent. His mother Joy Hood is from New Zealand and Chinese descent. How about his father? Calum Hood’s father David Hood known for having Aborigine descent and a bit of Scottish. But, at several trusted sources, Calum Hood ethnicity is Scottish and Maori Australian descent. What do you think girls? Do you have any other information about Calum Hood ethnicity? Please leave your comment below.

Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Ethnicity: White, Scottish, Maori Australian

Nationality: Australian

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