Cam Newton Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

One of the best Football players especially for quarterback position is Cam Newton. His strong body makes him being feared by the opponents. Cam Newton is still young, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia May 11, 1989. And he began his professional career in 2011. Then now, many people acknowledge him as one of the best player in NFL.

For those of you who curious about his ethnicity, let’s we discuss it more detail. At an interview, Cam Newton claimed himself as a Black. His father Cecil Newton, Sir is African – American descent. As well as his mother Jackie Newton also having African – American Ancestry, it is not clear what exactly Africa, but it seems that Cam Newton has Cameron descent. It is based on his name. What do you think guys? Please share your opinion by leaving comment below.

Name: Cameron Jerrell Newton

Ethnicity: Black, African – American

Nationality: American