Camila Alves Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The light skinned model Camila Alves appearances are always waited by many men. She is very beautiful, her exotic skin makes people are curious about her ethnicity. Is she black or white? As for your information, Camila Alves was born and raised in Brazil on January 28, 1982. She started her carer as amateur model in Brazil, then she moved to United States to pursue her carter as a profession model.

Her name became known widely after she married to famous actor Matthew McConaughey in 2012. Back to her ethnicity background, Camila Alves is considered for having Brazilian descent from her mother sideĀ Fatima Saraiva and a bit of Portuguese – Indian ancestry. Some people also claimed that Camila Alves has ethnicity of 1/3 African, 1/3 Amerindian, and 1/3 Portuguese. What do you think guys? Do you have other information about Camila Alves ethnicity? Please share with us.

Name: Camila Alves

Ethnicity: Brazilian, Portuguese, Indian

Nationality: American, Brazilian