Camila Cabello Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Recently, the young and talented singer Camila Cabello hits around the world by her song “Havana”. The single has reached number one list in several countries like Australia, England, Ireland and many more. As for your information, Camila Cabello was born as Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao in Havana, Cuba on March 3, 1997. Before being a solo singer, public known her as a member of Fifth Harmony. But, in the late of 2016, Camila Cabello decided to left the group and pursue her career as solo singer.

Camila Cabello is light skinned and known for having exotic face. Her features face and her skin show us that she is a part of Latina. Many of people especially her fans are curious about Camila Cabello ethnicity background. Based on the trusted sources, Camila Cabello father Alejandro Cabello is considered for having Mexican descent. Her father was born and raised in Mexico city, but he and his family immigrated to United States in the early 2000s.

How about her mother? Camila Cabello’s mom Sinuhe Estrabao is known for having Cuban ancestry. At an interview, her mom said about her story when immigrate from Cuba to Mexico. She said that she went by bus to the American border, and it took a month.

Name: Camila Cabello

Ethnicity: Mexican, Cuban

Nationality: American

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