Carrie Underwood Religion and Political Views

Carrie Underwood is an American singer that was born and raised in Oklahoma. This article will talk about Carrie Underwood religion and political views. Underwood can be considered as a devout Christian as she used to sing in a Southern Baptist Church near her house. As for political views, she chooses not to reveal it, but based on her actions, she appear to be within the conservative/Republican camp. She also supports PETA-classic stuffs and animal rights.

Here are some of the proofs about Carrie Underwood religion and political views:

  • Underwood mentioned in her official site that she does support someone, but not willing to share it to the public because she lost her respects towards celebrities that used to be candidates.
  • In her interview with CBN News, Underwood mentioned about how she grew up in devout Christian environment. She mentioned how she used to read Bible and various faith movies and books, and also visit church camp.
  • In an interview with TheBoot, Underwood said that religion plays a huge factor in selecting her husband, Mike Fisher, a hockey player. She mentioned how her husband help her to improve her faith towards God such as visiting church together and praying with their family.