Cassidy Hubbarth Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The beautiful ESPN anchor Cassidy Hubbarth makes many people curious about her ethnicity background. As for your information, Cassidy Hubbarth was born in Chicago on September 19, 1984. She joined ESPN in 2010 as an anchor for NBA Tonight. Before began her professional career, her love for sport was rise when she was in high school. She always became a regular member for his high school basket ball club.

Back to her ethnicity background, everybody must agree that she is very beautiful. Her eyes, hair, nose and face features show us that she has Asian descent. Many people said that Cassidy Hubbarth is 50% Filipino. Her Filipino ancestry comes from her mother side Emmeline. At an interview, Cassidy said that she was very close to his maternal grandmother Lola who was Filipino descent. How about her father? Cassidy Hubbarth’s dad Gerry Hubbarth is known for having Germany – Irish descent. What do you think guys? Does her mixed race looks beautiful?

Name: Cassidy Hubbarth

Ethnicity: Filipino, Germany – Irish

Nationality: American