Cecily Strong Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must know Cecily Strong as Saturday Night Live cast, she has been being a cast of that famous television programs since 2012 until now.
No wonder if her appearance always being a subject of discussion for many people. As for your information, Cecily Strong was born in Illinois, Chicago on February 8, 1984. And he began her career in 2005 when she appeared on The Second City.

Many people said that Cecily Strong has Italian face, and now we will reveal her true family roots in details. Cecily Strong’s father William Bill Strong is considered for having English descent. Based on the trusted source, her father also has a bit of Germany and Scottish descent. How about her mom? Cecily Strong’s mother Penelope is known for having Italian ancestry. Cecily Strong maternal grandmother Janet Saunders is Sicilian descent. What do you think guys?

Name: Cecily Strong

Ethnicity: White, English, Italian

Nationality: American