Daniel Kaluuya Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The horror movie “Get Out” makes the actor Daniel Kaluuya popularity known widely. Because of the movie, he got several nominations for best actor at Academy Awards, Golden Globe Award and Bafta Award. You may also see his great acting on other movies including Black Mirror, Black Panther, Welcome to the Punch and many more.

As for your information, he was born as Joseph Kaluuya in London on February 24, 1989. By seeing his appearances, we can say that he is belong to black race and having African ancestry. Both of his parents Stephen Kaluuya and Damalie Namusoke were Ugandan immigrants who emigrated to England. At an interview, Daniel Kaluuya described himself as a dark skinned person. He also said that he used to struggle to live in London as a black person.

Name: Daniel Kaluuya

Ethnicity: Ugandan

Nationality: British

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