Demi Lovato Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Many celebrities in Hollywood are having Latina descent, one of celebrities who have Latina descent is Demi Lovato. As everybody knows, Demi Lovato is young talented actress and singer, both of her profession can be handling by her nicely. As a Latina young woman, Demi Lovato is very proud about her family culture and roots. The Latina side was come from her father Patrick Martin Lovato. Her father was come from Mexico, and has many families in Mexico and life for many generations in there. There is one fact that her father also has Spanish descent like many other Mexican.

How about Demi Lovato’s mother? Her mother is Dianna Lee, she is from English and has Scottish – Irish descent. The actress who was born in New Mexico, United States on August, 20, 1992 ever said on twitter that she did DNA test to find her ancestry. And the result is 85% European, 1% African and 10% Native American. She was surprised when she saw the result, especially for 1% Africa. People also assume that Demi Lovato has Italian descent from her mother.  So, what do you think guys? Please share your opinion by leaving comment below.

Name: Demi Lovato

Ethnicity: White, Mexican – American, Scottish – Irish

Nationality: American

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