Djimon Hounsou Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

The black American actor Djimon Hounsou amazed many people by his great acting as Solomon Vandy on Blood Diamond movie. No wonder, if he got four best supporting actor because of that movie. You may also saw his great acting on several other movies like Gladiator, In America, Amistad and many more.

By seeing his appearances, we can say easily that he is a part of African ancestry. As for your information, Djimon Hounsou was born in Benin republic, a country in West Africa on April 24, 1964. He emigrated to France when he was 13 years old and became a model in the country. Then, he moved to United States in early 90s to pursue his career as an actor. Both of his parents Pierre Hounsou and Albertine Hounsou were having Beninese descent. And we can say that Djimon Hounsou ethnicity is 100% Beninese. What do you think guys?

Name: Djimon Hounsou

Ethnicity: Beninese

Nationality: American

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