Donnie Swaggart Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Donnie Swaggart was born on 18 October 1954 and grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is married to Debby and has three children.  Donnie Swaggart was born the only son of the evangelists Jimmy and Frances Swaggart. With his wife Debby, they have two sons, Gabriel Swaggart and Matthew Swaggart, and the daughter of Jennifer. For your information, his nationality is American.

Gabriel Swaggart and his wife Jill are members of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, members of the Crossfire Youth Ministry and members of the Family Worship Center. They have three sweet daughters, Samantha Gabriel, Abye Gilles, and Caroline Francis. Mathew Swaggart is also part of active and vital service.

He is a television graphic artist and a very talented photographer. He and his beautiful wife Joanna have two sons, Ryder Oyin Presley, Marine Matthew Aaron and his daughter Laura Josephine Rose.

The daughters of Jennifer Donnie and Debbie Swaggart are teachers and have recently completed their masters in education. Jennifer, her husband Cliff, her beautiful daughter Harper Riley and her son Harrison Brooks live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Swaggart first married Debbie. The couple was divorced in 2003. He later married Judy in 2003. Judy was divorced five times and divorced in 2006. And he married his first wife Debbie.

His estimated net worth is $ 726,000. Information about his salary will be updated shortly. But his father, Jimmy Swaggart, received about $ 350,000 annually.