Ebro Darden Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Not many people know about the real name of American program director and radio host Ebro Darden. He was born as Ibrahim Darden on March 17, 1975. His name became known by public became a radio host on WQHT Hot 97. He began his career in the early of 90s. And now, he becomes the vice President of Programming of WQHT Hot 97.

Many of people are curious about Ebro Darden ethnicity background. Based on his real name, he seems to have Middle Eastern descent. But, at an interview, Ebro said that he claimed himself has half black and half white. It seems that he is having African – American descent. He also said that his mother was part of Jew ancestry. There is no much information related to his parents ethnic background? Please share your information regarding to Ebro Darden roots.

Name: Ebro Darden

Ethnicity: African – American

Nationality: American

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