Enrique Iglesias Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

If we talk about Latin music, we must think abut Enrique Iglesias. Everybody must agree that he is the King of Latin music. As for your information, his song has sold more than 60 millions copies worldwide. And no wonder if he has achieve many of awards includes one Grammy Awards, five Latin Grammy, Eight American Music Awards and many more. Enrique Iglesias was born in Spain on May 8, 1975. His musician blood comes from his fathe who is also a singer. Many of people are curious about Enrique Iglesias ethnicity background. As everybody knows, Enrique Iglesias was born in Spain, his father Julio Iglesia who also a singer is considered for having Spanish descent.

Based on trusted source, Enrique Iglesias’ father also considered for having Puerto Rican and Jewish descent. But, many people claimed that his father is Mestizo. How about Enrique Iglesias’ mother? His mom Isabel Presley is known for having Filipino – Spanish descent. At an interview, Enrique mother said that she is half Spanish and half Filipino. As you know, most of people in Philippine are having Spanish ancestry. What do you think guys? Do you have other opinion?

Name: Enrique Iglesias

Ethnicity: White, Spanish – Filiphino

Nationality: Spain

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