George Clooney Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Having good appearance, make many people wonder about George Clooney ethnicity background. As everybody knows, George Clooney achieve his fame peak in the late of 2000’s until 2007. He became famous after starred Syriana movie. And as for your information, he was selected as Sexiest Man Alive for two times.

Many people agree that he has handsome and good shape of face. Some people claimed that he has Persian descent and a bit of Pakistani and Indian descent. So, does it true?Let’s we reveal his true ethnicity. George Clooney’s mother Nina Bruce is considered for having English, Welsh and Dutch ancestry. George’s maternal great-great grandmother, Mary Ann Sparrow was the mother of President Lincoln.

How about his father? George Clooney’s father Nicholas Joseph Clooney is known for having Irish and Germany descent. So, based on the research above, there are no ancestry of Middle Eastern and Asian countries like people talked. What do you think guys? Do you have any other information about George Clooney ethnicity? Please share with us guys.

Name: Geroge Clooney

Ethnicity: White, English – Scottish, Irish – Germany

Nationality: American

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