Ghalib Khalil Ethnicity, Race, and Nationality

Ghalib Khalil is a Pakistani teenager who aims to bring about positive change in the country by improving the lives of young people and giving them hope so that they can become important citizens. In the future of their country.

Through the organization’s activities, the Pakistan Youth Foundation has worked to eradicate poverty and literacy by offering free education to people who can not read and write and to build schools in the country’s floodplains. Salvation The Pakistan Youth Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the country today that promotes the well-being of young people.

It’s wonderful for an organization that has made many achievements over the last two years to find out that the Rescue Pakistan Youth Foundation was founded by a teenager. When he founded the organization, Ghalib was 15 years old. And that was the result of finding that the government had as little as we had to help people.

Due to his extraordinary efforts to promote youth privileges and youth welfare, Ghalib is included by Youth Service USA in the list of the 25 most powerful and influential youth in the world. It just shows how much Galib has been influencing Garrib’s involvement in charity in recent years. He was also nominated for the Agahi Prize and received the Federal Photography Award for his talent by presenting the difficult life of the country through stationary photographs.

Birthday: Friday, 11 November 1994
Nationality: Pakistan