Halle Berry Ethnicity, Race and Nationality

Everybody must agree that the years between 1990 until 2004 Hollywood entertainment belongs to Halle Berry. Many people admit that in that era, Halle Berry was very popular, it was her peak as an American actress. As everybody knows, Halle Berry has exotic light skinned and many people love it. No wonder she was listed as one of the beautiful women on earth for several times. Halle Berry who was born in Ohio, United States on August 14, 1966 is known for having African – American ancestry.

As you can see at her appearance, we can say easily that she is a part of African descent.  Her father Jerome Jesse Berry is considered for having African – American descent. Halle Berry paternal grandfather Robert Berry also known as African descent. How about her mother? Halle Berry mom Juddith Ann Hawkin is considered for having Caucasian descent of English, Irish, Germany and Dutch. At an interview, Halle Berry said that she accept that she is a black American woman with a white mother. Some people also claimed that Halle Berry has a bit of Indian ancestry.

Halle Berry also said that she had hard struggle when she was child as a biracial girl. When her family lived in the black neighborhood, she thought that she was not a part of black because her mother is white. And when her family lived in the white environment, she tough that she was not a part of white because her father is black. But, as you can see now, she is natural beauty. Her mixed races are very nice. What do you think guys?

Name: Halle Berry

Ethnicity: Black, African – American, English

Nationality: American

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