Harrison Ford Religion, Ethnicity and Political Views

Everybody must agree that Harrison Ford is one of living legend actors in Hollywood. Recently, he rap out about his religious views. When he asked about his religion, he said that he was raised Democrat. That statement makes many people curious about his true religion.

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As for your information, Harrison Ford was born in Illinois on July 13, 1942. He rose to prominence after he played on famous movie series Indiana Jones. Until now, he has stared more than 40 big hits movies including Air Force One, Star Wars, Cowboys and Aliens, The Fugitive and many more. Based on the trusted sources, he is one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood for grossing more than $6 billion worldwide.

Back to his religion, Harrison Ford was raised by Jewish parents Christopher Ford and Dorothy Nidelman. His Jewish ancestry comes from his maternal grandparents Harry Nidelman and Anna Lifschutz who had Russian Jew descent. But, he also has Catholic roots from his paternal grandparents John Fitzgerald Ford and Florence Veronica Niehaus who were from Ireland and had Irish Catholic as their faith. At an interview, Harrison said that he is Catholic as human being and he is Jewish as an actor. Based on the statement above, we can say that it seems Harrison Ford prefer to be a Catholic than Jewish. What do you think guys?

How about his political views?

Harrison Ford is surely Democrat, he is closed with Hillary Clinton family. He always supported the policy of Democrat Party made on U.S governments. At an occasion, he also criticize about gun control in USA.

Name: Harrison Ford

Religion: Jewish or Catholic

Ethnicity: Russian Jew, Irish

Political Views: Democrat Party

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