Ice Cube Religion and Political Views

Maybe not everybody know that Ice Cube faith is Islam. As everybody knows that Islam is not popular religion among celebrity in Hollywood. We could count with our fingers easily how many celebrities which had Islam as their faith. So, it is interesting to discuss about what is Ice Cube religion and his political views.

Everybody must be agree that Ice Cube is very talented actor and rapper. He entered entertainment industry by releasing Dr Dre single “my pose”. Then, he entered acting career in 1991 in the movie Boyz and the Hood. Based on trusted sources, he entered Islam in 90’s era and there was no one who know about his religion before he become a Muslim. We may know that someone who change their religion or faith must be strong reason for him to make sure that the religion which believed is true. It is same with Ice Cube, he has strong reason to be a Muslim. He ever said that he is a natural Muslim, so it is being the secret of God and me.

For his political views, it seems that he is a Democrat supporter. It can be seen from his active organization that support Barrack Obama in 2008.